Radgrid pagesize not updating

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Update: 06/18/2013 – It is recommended that you follow this post for Kendo UI Grid, Datasource filtering – Added recursion to the filters processing to support multiple search criterias on the same field while at the same time supporting searches across multiple fields.

Now that we have the Grid configured for server side processing let’s take a quick look at what’s going down the wire in terms of pay loads for each of these actions so that we can mock up our models for these requests.

The cost of the Telerik controls isn't an issue and overall I'm happy with the functionality they provide.

If I stick with Telerik I'm also considering converting all my standard controls to their Telerik counterparts. We had a project that used Telerik controls in a windows forms application but it was slow that we decided to rewrite it with devexpress controls.

Try setting either the Allow Paging to true, or Allow Custom Paging to true, but not both. :) I tried setting up paging inside of the Master Table View as well, to no avail I also added Allow Viewstate and made sure the control was linked to the Rad Ajax Manager Neither worked for me, but give it a shot.

hello friend, can u please tell me how to update the data in the radgrid control.

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