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This post reviews the Chase Disney Rewards Visa and Premier credit cards, the pros and cons of each card, and the perks cardholders receive at Walt Disney World, Disneyland, and beyond.

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However, what’s the difference between reward dollars specifically reserved for Disney and reward dollars that are usable elsewhere?

In addition to the official discounts and perks, there are some other, less-known perks that come with the Chase Disney credit cards.

Card holders often are given a 2-3 day advance window to purchase certain discount packages offered at Walt Disney World.

After that relationship ended, Disney partnered with Bank One to create the Disney Visa Credit Card, which transmogrified into the two Disney Rewards Visa Credit Card from Chase that exist today.

Since these two credit cards are some similar in terms of perks except for the rewards, we aren’t going to bother reviewing them separately.

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