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She is part of a growing international group of “pro-ana” (anorexia) and “pro-mia” (bulimia) bloggers, who perceive their illness as a “lifestyle” and urge others to do the same.Communities that glamorise eating disorders have been around for decades, but Jade’s is part of a worrying new generation of personal blogs and social network users who have turned anorexia and bulimia into something an aspirational state.By the age of 10, I had already invented lies about food allergies. Although she studied social work at university but is now unemployed, “because of the obvious”. She set it up when she was 14 and has thousands of followers around the world.I became a vegetarian and decided that I wasn’t allowed sugar. At the top of the front page is a red banner with a white ribbon, which reads: “Anorexia is a lifestyle, not a disease”. Her aim is to provide “tips, tricks and information” for others who, like her, are in the grip of an eating disorder.“My visitors are my girls and I have a lot of personal contact with them,” she explains.

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hough Jade’s remarks are shocking, they are far from unique.Websites that promote eating disorders are on the rise.In this warped online world, anorexia is not a disease but a lifestyle.“I’m new to this, I need tips and I don’t want to lose my hair,” pleads one follower of the site.“I’m 12 - going to be 13 soon.” Another has written: “Need help to keep me from bingeing and overeating after a long period of starvation.” Yet Jade is defensive about what she does.

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