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Using the latest geophysical imaging techniques, which "see" below the ground without excavation, it is possible to make out a dark circle of interrupted ditch.There are two wider gaps opposite each other - these were entrances to the monument and are aligned on the midwinter sunset and midsummer sunrise - like Stonehenge itself.Following a detailed laser scan of Stonehenge last year, an analysis has just been published by English Heritage.It reveals many more axe carvings and much new information on how the stones were shaped.

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Some were "pecked" with stone mauls in horizontal lines, others with vertical lines.Nine stone holes were identified, part of a circle of probably twenty-five standing stones.Only the northeast quadrant of the circle, and a small past of its west side, were excavated.The henge ditch is 25m in diameter and sits at the end of the 1¾-mile avenue that leads from Stonehenge to the river.Excavations in 2008 established that this outer henge was built around 2400 BC but arrowheads from the stone circle indicate that it is likely to be much earlier, dating to around 3000 BC.

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