Playing hard to get online dating

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Part of being hard to get is being comfortable and able to enjoy yourself even if they aren’t around or aren’t interested in talking to/being with/dating you.

For example, if someone you like doesn’t want to dance with you, instead of sitting and pouting about it, go find someone else or dance with friends.

I've been the jerk that plays games with girls' emotions; I've been the guy that's hard to get.

” They almost always say with a shrug, “Eh, not really.” It’s funny how we can obsess over someone not liking us, even if we don’t really want to date them.Also, make sure you are seeking people out at events and activities you actually enjoy.It’s very difficult to have fun out at a bar you hate and the only reason you’re there is to hopefully meet someone."I don't want someone who puts mind games higher on the list than honesty."When you're out at the bar and you spot a cutie, playing coy and making eye contact from across the room is one way to get his attention.So you brush past him, make eye contact and dangle the bait, but then you walk way. Studies have confirmed it works if you play it right. When women do this, it's done both subconsciously or deliberately. Except when they do it, we call it "weighing their options" or "scared to settle down." If it happens at a bar, we just call him a jerk who can't make his mind up or a slew of other NSFW language.

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