Planet out dating

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What happens on other dating sites is, if you’re an attractive female, you get bombarded by unsolicited e-mail.

You might have 200 messages in your inbox, but they’re not necessarily the proper suitors.

We give you energy, which we call Flirt Juice inside the app.

IMA: Does the Flirt Juice enable you to take the relationship offline?

SC: We’re just so different than any of the other apps that are out there.

Dating apps that are out there now, they’re acting as mere brokers for meeting people, whereas we’re a dating ecosystem that stages the dating experience.

That’s the premise behind Truly Social’s innovative new dating apps, Flirt Planet Meet and Flirt Planet Play, as users looking for love can now use their i Phone or i Pad to practice their smooth moves on computer-controlled characters before actually interacting with other humans through the app. Inside Mobile Apps sat down with Sebastian Coman, Truly Social’s founder and creative director, to find out how it all goes down.

This is a safe area where you can practice these skills without the fear of rejection.

There is a lack from the other companies, where they do not teach you flirting skills, and this is something that we’re here to fill.

We offer available and affordable training on the go and anywhere and at anytime. We rate a person’s profile portfolio, either a one star, a two star, or a three star. The other two more important elements are user based.

You’ll see all of your connection requests on a daily basis, and higher-quality users are more expensive to connect to.

When the connection request is accepted, you can then chat as often as you like, similar to an instant messenger app.

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