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Medy had a very friendly nature so she adjusted there naturally.

Children there started adoring Medy specially a girl named Cherry.

Medy’s daughter is very grateful and happy to meet her whereas her son; is angry at her for leaving them alone.

Medy explained the whole situation to her children and they started living a happy and peaceful life together.

Medy faces physical and verbal abuse there by the couple, who also took her passport so she can’t run away.

She was not even allowed to talk to her family back in Philippines.

Filipinos has among the best characteristics on the planet one of you need to know.

Filipinos are ordinarily a group of penny-wise people who would prefer not to see their well deserved sustenances put to squander.

Rundown many blossoms that you have to use on your wedding and investigate the advantages and detriments of utilizing these blooms to your flower vendor.Filipinos are ordinarily a bundle of penny-wise people who would prefer not to see their well deserved nourishments put to squander.They esteem their families so much that they have a tendency to be so in place.From Pinoy Channel, you can easily watch all the Filipino TV shows, movies and drama serials online and in a very good quality.A mother’s story is a family drama movie that will make you cry for sure.

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