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I bet you were wondering if there was a course that proceeded from the core question, “Can Beyoncé’s music be seen as a blueprint for progressive social change? Informed by a confluence of black feminism and sociology, the course uses Beyoncé’s work as a jumping-off point for consideration of the historical and political constructs impacting the lives and experiences of black women in today’s society.

It’s pretty serious business for the woman who played Foxxy Cleopatra in 2002’s heinously unwatchable .

Tomar It seems like you can take a college course in just about anything these days.

As universities compete for applications in a crowded marketplace, many are finding that the best way to stand out from the crowd is to create unique, innovative, daring, and sometimes just plain weird learning opportunities.

At last check, there are no existing university level courses based on the work of other former Destiny’s Child members.

If you show up to your “California Here We Come” class looking for a thoughtful reading of John Steinbeck, there will be absolutely nothing we can say to console you for what you are about to experience. According to its Fall 2012 syllabus, the course will “explore the ‘hyper self-awareness’ unique to the O. and analyze California exceptionalism and singularity in history and popular culture.” Stated more simply, the course examines why really attractive and rich people living near a beach in a place that’s warm and sunny all the time think they’re awesome. The course also examines pressing modern matters such as “girl culture, 21st century suburban revivalism, the indie music scene, the meta-series, and more.” These, of course, are the features by which producer Josh Schwartz says (according to the syllabus), “we live in a post-everything universe.” This sentence, of course, means absolutely nothing.

In this context, it is an elective seminar for English majors.

And if you’re in the Creative Writing Track at UPenn, you’re degree program actually requires you to dedicate three hours a week to be wasted on the web. Offered as a “Featured Program” at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey, “Politicizing Beyoncé” uses the massively successful pop singer’s lyrics and videos as a lens through which to view the dynamics of gender, race, power, and popular culture.

On its surface, “Wasting Time on the Internet” sort of seems like a class where you don’t do anything.Like Hogwarts itself, this two week course is rather exclusive, reserved as it is for honors English students only.Unlike Hogwarts, students are hardly ever dragged into the woods by giant man-eating spiders or mauled by werewolves.This Spring Semester course is more than spells and magic though. Far from just another literature course, “To Hogwarts Harry” offers students the chance to take this immersion to the next level.Participants will jet to England to follow in Harry’s footsteps, to behold the Scottish glen where Hagrid’s Hut stood, to shop at the Leadenhall Market that gave inspiration to Diagon Alley, to cross the threshold of Oxford’s Christ Church, which inspired the Great Hall at Hogwarts.

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