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Beyond gem condition, this one has a monster nib, double-broad stub flex.The "stub" means that even with the potential for double broad or wider (with flex) downstrokes, the crosstroke is very thin.

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COMMENTS: The for-Levengers first series featured translucent/transparent "Seas" colors, and the second series had palladium trim. Kills me a bit this sells for less than a bunch of relatively common Sheaffer Snorkels from 20 years later, but the market is what the market is.

Sheaffer manufactured the Levenger variants from 1998-2001 or so. The cap-band has either deep scratch or slight separation (factory defect? Note that the pencil is from the more upscale Deluxe line (fatter cap-band), but matches the pen well enough.

All pens have solid gold nibs, with those found with the Levengers second series having a white finish. As a Levenger's viersion this has the white-tone solid gold 14k nib, writing a nice medium line These are cartridge/converter filling, and all pens sold in this cluster save one have converters, these days a value each. Conklin did the "transparent barrel with visible ink level". No plastic damage nearby) as vertical line that can be seen below the clip. COMMENTS: Wahl of course was a "BIg Five" American pen maker. Pencil has different clip, but came with the pen when I bought it at the Chicago Pen Show few years back and also has Canadian imprints.

Shipping starts at or so within USA and tends to range -70 internationally. A few of these have sold already, to want lists and via requests when I dropped images over at the facebook group. Lady Patricia was the high quality short-slender version of the oversized Patrician. COMMENTS: A frankly rare Balance variant in nice condition. COMMENTS: Snorks gave Parker 51 arun for the money during the 1950's.

The Autograph line references Balances with solid gold trim, generally found in black plastic (early Marine Green also not too hard to find). The true Demonstrator in practice was a clear Valiant model (plastic cap, White Dot, Triumph gold nib). If had complete original black lacquer that covers the lower 60% of the cap, it woudld be the nearmint sort that pulls 0 .

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