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In the course of the play we examine algebra and algorithms, fashions in garden design, Byron's peccadilloes and many more possible diversions that the playwright allows us to expand mentally.Bone Portraits Debora Stein's play, commissioned by Ensemble Studio Theatre/Albert P.

Arcadia -London revival and Arcadia--Broadway production There are many who think that Tom Stoppard is Britain's best living playwright and that Arcadia (first published 1993) is his best play.A fascinating idea though according to our critic, it's the actors who make it work. -There's a lot of talk about algorithms and protein cultures in this amusingnew play, but there's also a lot of pillow talk. Copenhagen Michael Frayn's absorbing drama about the meeting between the German physicist Werner Heisenberg and his mentor Niels Bohr (Philip Bosco during World War II was one of the most cerebral and entertaining plays of the 2000 Broadway season.Good acting and direction and wonderfully slick staging will keep audiences engaged even if the tech talk between computer and biological science grad students. Dora, an opera in 2 acts The scientific delvings into the human mind can also serve as a mother lode for dramatic invention.Three men and four women (the exact makeup of the cast) are watching the oldest man pump air out of a glass globe (the air pump) into which a live bird has been placed. What we have here is a David and Goliath struggle — David being Philo Farnsworth, a young genius who was 12 years old when he had his monumental concept moment in an Idaho potato farm field; with David Sarnoff being the Goliath who wants to control the patent rights after the young inventor has managed to get funding to bring his concept to fruition.Fermat's Last Tango Instead of supplying the proofs for his theorems, the seventeenth century mathematician, Pierre de Fermat, often challenged others to do so.

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