Outlook unread count not updating

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When nothing else works, the best option is to restore the device and set it up as new.

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Note this is not technically similar to restoring, but erasing all content and settings is an acceptable way of wiping up your i OS device clean, according to Apple.

Instead, you can choose to hide the badge app icon, and never see that red little circle on the Mail app again.

To do so: This is the not-so-fun part of i Phone troubleshooting.

To delete your email account and set it up again, follow the following steps: As previously mentioned, this has cleared the incorrect unread email count badge every single time, so I’m hopeful this will work for you too.

If not, you really have few options left at this point. You don’t have to show the unread badge count on the Mail app, or any other app for that matter.

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