Outlook 2016 updating address book hangs

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Outlook 2016 connecting to non Office 365 Exchange seems to be fine using autodiscover. How about this addition: Autodiscover works just fine with Outlook 2007, 20 when connecting to Office 365. Tried from two different locations just to rule out an ISP issue.

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outlook 2016 updating address book hangs-8

outlook 2016 updating address book hangs-82

There is a reason that E3/E4 Office365 users have to be manually added to a first release BETA group to even download the software.

After many years in the IT trenches, I am no longer surprised to see a major product update shipped with a major feature broken.

While I am no longer surprised, I refuse to be accepting of this behavior.

How can a company with over 115,000 employees and $$billions$$ in the bank ship a major product that can't even connect to it's own service?

Outlook 2010 autodiscover seems to work just fine, same with Outlook 2013. Think I'm going to take a chance on a Surface Book? Multiple attempts, all using the same Office 365 domain and same domain accounts.

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