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Now, if you think you can balance it all without hindering your own group's work and efforts, go ahead. My friends say there is no difference, but the guy I have been seeing for a couple months say that seeing someone means testing the waters, getting to know someone you are romantically interested in, and the stage before dating. From how I understood it after listening to countless shows and interviews with Jackson, the 3 first years are the most crucial and busy for groups.A relationship would just be distraction and it's better to focus on the group during those 3 years, than think about dating.It is like a verbal agreement, focus on work instead of dating, because you know, relationship can distract you.The company has no power to stop you unless you are involved in some bad scandal, then they will take action.I feel like just that alone would stop most ppl from dating cause they wouldn't want to negatively impact the career of their group members.

For instance you're in Twice or GOT7 and then one of your members starts dating during their dating ban, potentially risking your groups career, so that includes you.Does it really matter which one of you starts dating first and does it that he’s dating?A little bit of bruised ego is natural but if you become consumed by his new relationship or exploits, it may be time to ask whether you’re really over him, and if you are; what is it about your own life that makes this news so unbearable.For one, he wouldn't be the first JYP artist to dating before that ban was up if he had been dating her.Plus there was a lot of built up tension before and after that happened between him and his fans.

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