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Has she ever led a rally to protest a government decision that she considers unjust-or joined a rally to support a candidate?

Davis, in 2008, helped establish Nassau County's Mental Health Court one of only ten in Florida, where he presided over a docket designed to provide rehabilitative services to the mentally ill in lieu of being incarcerated.And at the Senate Judiciary Committee, where traditionally appeals court nominees were considered on their own at a hearing, they now are routinely considered with several other judicial nominees, and senators have to pick and choose who they will question in the five or ten minutes allotted.The result is that the vetting process at both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue has become, as one Senate aide put it, an accident waiting to happen.Judge Davis' reputation in divorce court has proven that he does not follow State Statutes pertaining to protective injunctions, child custody, visitation, alimony, and child support, he does not follow the rules of judicial procedure and timeliness, he overwhelmingly favors one party regardless of evidence and expert testimony, and he does not submit to appellate remands.Specific and well documented personal accounts outlining these grievances against Judge Davis are posted on the internet at:

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