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What kind of gifts are people buying their Valentine?

Given the size of the online dating industry, it’s no surprise that they’ve started leveraging big data to create better matching systems.

It's all in our entertainment round-up with Ana Maria Montero.

The Swiss economy dropped to fifth on the IMD Competitiveness Ranking, but that's not necessarily a bad sign.

According to Lausanne-based IMD, it takes a combination of 258 hard and soft data indicators, which run the gamut from employment and trade to environmental concerns and quality of life.

In tonight's Big Picture, the center's chief economist, Christos Cabolis sheds some light on the 2018 results, including Switzerland's surprise drop in the ranking.

Will the country join the European Union, or abandon the Swiss franc?

The genders are plotted on different scales because of the eternal fact that men almost always make the first move, so women get many more unsolicited messages.

In fact, it could even be trigger to fix ongoing problems and climb back to the top, says economiesuisse chief economist Rudolf Minsch.

What does it take to be the most competitive country in the world?

Despite improved results for Swiss pension funds, Martin Janssen, founder of Ecofin and former professor at the University of Zurich, would like to see a political discussion on pension reform.

“Switzerland should have the power to change the system,” he says in an interview with CNNMoney Switzerland.

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