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But now OKC is limited in young assets, and Presti will have to figure out other ways to change the roster. The Thunder literally has had one disappointing season (not counting injury) in 10. But the Sixers are young, and the Cavs are old, and the Raptors are cursed by Le Bron, and there’s Boston, still standing. But I think what we have makes pretty good radio already.

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Or as he said, you believe he will keep the roster as consistent as possible? Guest: “Glad to hear you back on the radio with Jim and Al. The ad money didn’t translate from newspaper to websites. You’re doing that to make yourself feel better as a bitter fan. From where we were to where we are, everything is rage-inducing for a Thunder fan.

” I think Presti will do all kinds of things trying to improve the team, but his options are more limited than in the past. Like I said, the market will be kind to teams on getting cheap free agents. The way it works, the teams will chase the superstars, there won’t be a ton of money in the market and the middle guys – the crew below stardom – will have to battle for salaries below their true value. I don’t see him transferring without a real “probability” to start. Of course, coaches can con a graduate transfer same way they can con a high school senior. Big mistakes were made and nobody has been held accountable.”There we go with accountability again.

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