Officially dating quotes

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This also forced her to become a motherly figure to Jude.As a result, Callie was often determined to shield him from any harm even if at the cost of her own personal safety.At the age of ten, her mother and step-father went out one night when her step-father became drunk and caused a car accident - killing her mother as a result.Callie struggled with deep regret on how her last conversation with her mother went, having been mad at her and refusing to kiss her goodbye before she left.

Throughout the show, she is shown to always put the needs of others ahead of herself, even if it costs her trouble.

In Consequently, Bill tells Lena and Stef that Callie and Jude never stay at a particular foster home for more than six months, something which initially alarms them.

But he insists that, while they themselves are not bad kids, something bad always seems to happen to them.

Her hair was normally straightened during the beginning of season one, but then in later episodes was normally curled.

Callie doesn't wear a lot of make up unless attending a formal event.

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