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When I change a property of a My Model item in my collection, the UI (binded List View) doesn't get updated. I’m getting my head more and more around binding, especially binding to Observable Collections.Unfortunately the reported issue does not replicate at our end.

observablecollection not updating ui-38

observablecollection not updating ui-42

However, I ran into an issue where the update was not to the collection itself, but to item in the collection.

So far in this tutorial, we have mostly created bindings between UI elements and existing classes, but in real life applications, you will obviously be binding to your own data objects.

This is just as easy, but once you start doing it, you might discover something that disappoints you: Changes are not automatically reflected, like they were in previous examples.

[Promotions View] I can confirm the button on the controls view is firing the delegate which in turn is publishing the event and firing the Load FP method.

However, the view showing the promotions doesn't update?

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