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I bet if no gay bought All American Guys' stuff which is his new house today the studio would have a hard time trying to keep the business going.

I don't understand why if he hates the "gay shit" he insists on selling his body to gay viewers.

Nobody here "forgot" we live in a heterosexist society.

But most of society condemns or sneers at straight porn stars nonetheless.

Further, pornography is a highly controlled and regulated industry.

Selling Sex: Experience, Advocacy, and Research on Sex Work in Canada. Durisin, Victoria Love)[quote] Sorry, but hetero porn doesn't receive the amount vilification that gay porn receives by society. Gay men lionize gay porn performers; straight people hold straight and gay porn performers in equal contempt. Hetero porn is not as condemned and criticised as gay porn is because even if they are selling their bodies sexually they are still performing heterosexuality.

The industry loves and hates their gay fanbase at the same time.It's called "GAY porn." Porn has a stigma, and anything gay has a huge stigma.I would expect anyone formerly linked to gay Porn not to want to be associated with the stigma once they leave the building.A straight guy with a better-paying, "respectable" job still looks down on straight guys who do straight porn most of the time.Society as a whole thinks all porn stars are trash and you didn't acknowledge that.

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