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The request reflected the need, and it was higher than in the previous two capital plans, when the agency requested .4 billion, on average, for signals and communications. Transit advocates say the agency must pour more money into signal work and accelerate the schedule.“Fifty years is way too far out there,” Thomas F.Though many New Yorkers believe that Mayor Bill de Blasio runs the subways, the agency is, in fact, controlled by Gov. Prendergast, former chairman of the authority, said in his final interview before leaving the job in January.First Dates restaurant manager Fred Sirieix steps in to rescue a very nervous man who is struggling to tell his date how he feels. I know we just met but…and you’ve got a beautiful smile,”‘ Fred says. Disney superfan James has been set up on a date with bra-fitter Jess, but he is struck with nerves. ‘I appreciate that’ James says before Fred darts away as Jess returns. Worsening subway service is one of the many infrastructure challenges confronting the region, including recent commuting upheavals at Pennsylvania Station in New York. New York’s quest to install the new system began in 1991, after a subway derailment at Union Square in Manhattan killed five people.Amtrak, which owns the station, plans to close several tracks for repairs that will disrupt service this summer on New Jersey Transit and the Long Island Rail Road, two of the nation’s busiest commuter railroads. The train operator was speeding after he had been drinking.In 1997, officials said that every line would be computerized by this year.

Cuomo will finance much of the billion he committed toward the pared-down .5 billion five-year plan.As ridership exploded on the L line, which runs between Brooklyn and downtown Manhattan, the agency did not have enough train cars built to communicate with the new signals.“It took way too long, but it was a confluence of things that made it take a while,” said Richard Barone, a vice president at the Regional Plan Association, an urban policy group that has studied New York’s signals. 7 line work in 2010, but Hurricane Sandy struck two years later, damaging subway tracks and delaying the project.And officials have been reluctant to frustrate riders by halting train service for long stretches, leaving workers with few windows to finish the work, Mr. Then there is the constant uncertainty over the authority’s finances.But the rollout of a new signal network is unfolding at a glacial pace even as the subway system is straining under the demands of a booming ridership.Two decades after the agency began its push to upgrade signals, work has been completed on just one line.

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