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And if you watch these two scenes, you will see how easily he fits in with the Bel Ami guys and how easily their dicks fit into him!

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The show is only free if you’re a Cocky Boys member… Holla, @Cocky Cilantro Have you been lacking a little Max Ryder in your life? Well fear not, friends, because Max has taken over Cocky Boys this month!

Just ask Jake Bass and Max Ryder — your favorite cocky twinks who got acquainted with Levi on the road filming their latest reality sex series, Road Strip.

The inside scoop is that on top of having one of the cutest faces and chiseled bodies complete with a “Rihanna” tattoo across his chest, Levi has a HUGE personality!

So right from the start, these two just couldn’t take their hands off each other. We get a few position changes before things ‘cum’ to an end, but I don’t want to ruin it for you… It’s like the gay porn version of “Extreme Couponing”!

Watch SCENE NAME Follow me on Twitter: @Cocky Cilantro It has been a wild ride since Project Go Go Boy debuted at Cocky Boys last summer, and last week we found out we won the Cyber Socket Web Award for “Best Sex Scene of the Year”!

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