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He had a terrible router that kept messing with his Wii.

I'd send him a message and he'd get it several days later.

Nintendo has updated its website to offer support for users experiencing problems with its Wii U console, which launched 18 November.

The troubleshooting page addresses several ‘Top issues’, including the following: The issues highlighted by Nintendo echoes the most common problems reported by early adopters of Wii U, namely a lengthy 5GB install which takes several hours (and if interrupted can be fatal for the machine), and seemingly random occurrences of the system completely freezing/locking.

I may just get rid of my trial of the opera browser, and the only time the Wii did freeze is on rentals.

Unless voiding the warranty also includes that you can't get warranty. I can send it to nintendo and i'm willing to wait i'm just seeing if there is another way.

Don't think i'm a jerk or i'm whinning tooo much cause i don't want to wait for nintendo. If i send in my wii and the memory gets earased (cause they said it might happen) i can always use power saves haven't been here but i'm happy to annouce i sent it in to nintendo and got it back in three days,.

I bring this out now, because I hope to god that SMG does not freeze, and I don't know now if I want Godfather and BWII if their gonna freeze on me the whole blasted time. And yeah it might be the connection, although I have a good one and its right next door to my router.

I got it the day it came out, so if it becomes a real problem I'll just send it to Nintendo.

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