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The BKAT takes approximately 45 minutes to complete and has been administered on a supervised and unsupervised basis with no statistical difference in scores. Validity for each of the subsequent versions of the BKATs (2-8) was established through a panel of experts.

Validity has also been supported through replication of research findings related to group differences, learning theory, and variables associated with (and not associated with) scores on the BKAT.

It is a 85-item paper and pencil test that measures basic knowledge in critical care nursing.Samples of baccalaureate nursing students, new graduate nurses, and foreign nurses (not working in the USA) have been used as groups known to be different from practicing USA critical care nurses.The mean (M) BKAT scores of the students, new graduates, and foreign nurses; were, as expected, significantly lower than the M scores of the ICU nurses.. A 10-member Panel of Experts, professional experience, and review of evidence in the literature were used to validate/update questions.It is copyrighted © and may not be altered, added to, or used in part. Permission must be obtained to use the BKAT, and to make copies of it. Implementing potentially better practices for imkproving family-centered care in neonatal intensive care units: Successes and challenges.

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