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A small range of internet sites are dedicated to recounting tales of anomalous object disappearances, as well as mysterious appearances, reappearances and replacements.These sites also debate the origins of the phenomenon—with poltergeists, fairies, and time warps squarely blamed.Jung’s collaboration with the physicist Wolfgang Pauli in regard to the formulation of his synchronicity theory is now well known, but it may well be that this association was not as important for Jung’s conceptualisation of synchronicity as his friendship with the sinologist Richard Wilhelm during the 1920s.Wilhelm bequeathed to Jung an intuitive understanding of the Chinese concept of Tao, which was to become for Jung very much associated with the meaning in meaningful coincidences. Browne explores these and other influences on Jung, and he gives some pointers on what to look for when making the all-important distinction between synchronistic events and chance coincidences. (A reading list was also provide, click here.) * * * * lectures at the University of Western Sydney, where he teaches neuroscience and paranormal studies to psychology students.* * * Drawing on a wealth of anthropological, historical and contemporary research and investigation, the evidence for parapsychological connections in UFO, alien abduction and contact experiences is examined.With a focus on the Australian experience, events as diverse as the 1868-1873 experiences of Parramatta surveyor and alderman Frederick Birmingham, other historical events, the aboriginal shamanic experience, intense UFO flap experience (such as at Tyringham, Kempsey and Mount Butler near Armidale, some experienced by the author), poltergeist type experiences (such as as at Boyup Brook, WA), in contemporary close encounter cases, and abduction and contact type experiences are examined.An alternative view is that while ASC experiences may not be ‘real’ in the framework of reductive materialism, they nonetheless possess authenticity.

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His main research interest is in exploring perception.Leveraging his own research into a poltergeist case, John will first provide a comparison of common ‘ghost hunting’ and parapsychology theories for both poltergeists and haunting, before delving into ways to determine if a case is caused by a poltergeist or not.Finally, John will discuss the importance of determining the cause of disturbances and share ways that people can help to further research in the field. John Diamond began his career in medicine, specializing in psychiatry, but moved on to looking holistically at his patients which included not only the physical and mental but the spiritual as well.Attila’s theory, based on a compilation of anecdotal cases as well as observations, describes the characteristics and culture of the enigmatic Yowie, if such a species exists. Jung thought that something acausal or paranormal was going on in meaningful coincidences, rather than just subjective interpretations by the individual involved.Attila’s fascination in ‘cryptids’ began years ago during an expedition in the Blue Mountains. Jung also thought that perhaps such experiences were in fact fleeting glimpses of an underlying timeless realm in which mind and matter are as yet undifferentiated.

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