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And since this expansion was pre-planned, I decided to wait to post the interviews till more of you could see the film. Anyway, if you haven’t yet heard the deafening buzz about this movie, let me add some fuel to the fire.

I thought with a movie like this, something unusual and great, it could use a bit of extra help and perhaps running the interviews late might cause more of you to see it. “Juno” is a refreshingly honest portrayal of a teenager who has to deal with an unplanned pregnancy.

With the amount of films I see every week, it’s a joy to see something that surprised me in so many ways. But one of those things where immediately when you started reading it, you knew it was something special and then the more you read, the more it surprised you and the more you realized it was devoid of stereotype. Ellen: I was excited about this character because I felt like it was a teenage female lead that we’ve just never seen before and although she was incredibly unique and witty and all of these things, she was also very genuine and it all felt just very sincere. She goes to the clinic and Juno deals with it in a relatively nonchalant manner and the reason she decides to leave is actually just because of some random, weird reason. And then we were shooting the movie and somebody was like, ‘Boy, press is going to be fun.’ And I didn’t really know what they were talking about because to me it’s just…you know…and the film shows it as an extremely viable option which is obviously the most important thing for young individuals. I mean things all come together in whatever process they come together and I feel like yeah, a big part of being young is maybe some arrogance and not even necessarily on purpose.

Watching the movie, I remember a lot of my favorite lines in the movie being exactly how they were in the script. Mark sees Juno as a sense of promise and a sense of freedom and he feels trapped in his adulthood I guess. We cut out…there’s a scene where I kind of attacked him in the basement. Again I think Jason Bateman had the harder side of that and he talked a lot with Reitman about it. I feel like whenever anyone is honest and whole and well written, you’re going to be able to connect to that person because we’re all kind of made up of the same stuff.

We attended the roundtable interview with Ellen Page and Michael Cera who answered questions about their participation in the making of the film: How quickly upon reading the script, were you like "I want to do this project? Ellen Page: No, I think it approaches it in extremely democtracitc way. I think Jason Bateman had a more difficult line to walk down because I'm playing the character and there's a line in the film where says "I've just like being a piece of furniture in your weird life" and I think that's very much the way she felt.

Michael Cera: I really liked the format of the script. It didn't look like she (screenwriter Diablo Cody) was trying to write it like a script. I can remember certain paragraphs were just like broken up oddly and that kind of ... I might drag her to this, because this is a great film, she's going to love it but it's going to be a sort of "C'mon you gotta see it".

Ellen, 30, only went public with the romance last summer (17), when she began exchanging messages with the dance teacher on social media.

They even recorded a cover of Britney Spears’ track Lucky together, before sealing their relationship with a kiss during an outing in West Hollywood in July.

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