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No new nations have arisen, and none have been subsumed into others or wiped out.No more or less land is under the plough This is one area in which things most consistently changed over time throughout the last three thousand years of Eurasian (but not so much American or Australian, prior to European settlement) history, though there have been reverses. More cargo, both bulk and containers, is hauled on European big rivers annually than on European roads and railroads combined.ARTHURIAN LEGEND NAMESMale and female names, with meanings. They invaded in 568 and established their own kingdom in the north with a capital at Monza CORNISH (AND OTHER CELTIC) NAMES From the 10th Century WELSH NAMES FROM 1327 With adaptations and English versions ELIZABETHAN NAMES A list of what parents were really naming their children back then LIST OF COMMON ELIZABETHAN NAMES Names are listed with the typical version first and variations thereof in italics afterwards GIVEN NAMES FROM BRITTANY From parish register entries from the town of Croissic in south-eastern Brittany from the years 1384 to ca.ANGLO-SAXON RELIGIOUS NAMES Gods, Goddesses and Descendants of Woden ANCIENT INDIAN NAMES Mostly male names here. INDIAN MYTHOLOGY NAMES Indian Mythology offers many names for the Sun. 1600 SURNAMES IN 15TH CENTURY YORK Alphabetical, based on information from the 15th century financial accounts from the masters of Ouse Bridge and Foss Bridge NAMES OF ANGLO-SAXON RULERS In Northumbria, Deira, Bernicia, Essex, Mercia, Wessex, East Anglia, Kent, England NAMES OF MEMBERS OF THE FROBISHER VOYAGES An analysis of 583 names of men who participated in these explorations of the New World 1576-1578.FAIRE NAMES FOR ENGLISH FOLK Late Sixteenth Century English Names - lists of common men's and women's given names, a list of more than 1000 surnames, and discussion of patterns of name construction. All the pre-1600 feminine names names are presented here indexed by period: before 1250, 1250 to 1450, and after 1450.FEMININE ENGLISH GIVEN NAMES This dictionary, by P. FOURTEENTH CENTURY VENETIAN PERSONAL NAMES Lists of men's and women's given names, variants and diminutives MASCULINE NAMES FROM THIRTEENTH CENTURY PISA An excellent analysis of more than 4000 masculine names that appear in an alliance signed in 1228 HUNGARIAN PERSONAL NAMES OF THE 16TH CENTURY Alphabetically organised. HUNGARIAN FEMININE NAMES Most given names in medieval and Renaissance Hungary are variants of Christian names common throughout Europe, though there are also names of Latin, German, and Slavic origin. SPANISH NAMES FROM THE LATE 15TH CENTURY This list reflects both traditional names that had been used for centuries and new names that were beginning to come into use. DUTCH WOMEN'S' NAMES BEFORE 1100 List of women's names recorded prior to 1100 in the Low Countries (which are today Belgium and the Netherlands) CORNISH (AND OTHER CELTIC) NAMES From the 10th Century WELSH NAMES FROM 1327 With adaptations and English versions MEDIEVAL GERMAN GIVEN NAMES FROM SILESIA A very long list of names from the 14th and 15th centuries OLD GERMAN NAMES These names are often in Latin form as that is how they were recorded by medieval authors.ANCIENT NAMES OF FRANCE Masculine & Feminine Names from the Merovingian Line c.400-c.600 AD LATE PERIOD FEMININE NAMES FROM THE SOUTH OF FRANCE List of forenames, bynames & nicknames GOTHIC NAMES Extensive list of male & female names & rulers.These were polyethnic bands of mounted warriors from Northern Europe, known by name to the Romans, who settled near the Black Sea in the C2nd AD. LIST OF ANCIENT GREEKS Includes ethnic Greeks and Greek language speakers from Greece and the Mediterranean world up to about 200 AD GREEK HEROES AND HEROINES Greek heroes, from Achilles through Theseus; this list also includes legendary heroes such as Ajax, Ariadne, and Bellerophon HERAKLES AND THE RULERS OF GREECE Names of the Kings Heracles fought GREEK HEROIC LEGENDS Vast alphabetical list of names of heroes, heroines, and mythical creatures from Greek legend that make up the rich collection of stories, adventures, and epics LIST OF ROMAN EMPERORS Detailed list of names including dates of their reign NAMES OF ROMAN EMPERORS A list of Roman Emperors with the dates they controlled the Roman Empire NAMES OF ROMAN EMPERORS An Online Encyclopaedia of Roman Emperors NAMES OF ANCIENT ROMANS List includes citizens of Ancient Rome remembered in history for some reason NAMES OF THE ROMAN LEGIONS Alphabetical and chronological catalogue of the imperial legions RARE NAMES FROM ROMAN MYTHOLOGY A list of rare names from Greek Mythology and Roman Mythology ANCIENT ROMAN NAMES The names listed here were used in ancient Rome ANCIENT ROMAN FEMALE NAMES Great list of names. LATE ROMAN NAMES The names listed here were used in early Christian Rome GREEK AND ROMAN MYTHOLOGICAL GODS Includes the Greek name, Roman /Latin name and description MALE NAMES OF UPPER CLASS ROMANS IN THE 6TH AND 7TH CENTURIES Common Names of the Aristocracy in the Roman Empire During the 6th and 7th Centuries FEMALE NAMES OF UPPER CLASS ROMANS IN THE 6TH AND 7TH CENTURIES Common Names of the Aristocracy in the Roman Empire During the 6th and 7th Centuries PERSONAL NAMES OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE ARISTOCRACY Names of the Aristocracy in the Roman Empire during the Later Byzantine Era COMMON NAMES OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE ARISTOCRACY Long list of names from the Roman Empire during the 6th and 7th Centuries WOMEN'S NAMES FROM PRE-1600 INDIA The women mentioned are, in general, either members of ruling families or associated with the temple where the inscriptions were located EARLY CROATIAN GIVEN NAMES A list of Croatian given names (first names) collected from the text of a history of Croatia LIST OF BYZANTINE EMPERORS This is a detailed list of all the names recorded BYZANTINE NAMES Byzantium, the city on the Bosphorus was founded as a colony by the Greek city of Megara around 660 BC, at an important strategic site at the entrance to the Black Sea.

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Medieval Stasis is a situation in which, as far as the technological, cultural, and sociopolitical level are concerned, thousands of years pass as if they were minutes.

MEDIEVAL NAMES OF SAXON ORIGIN Large list, male & female names MEN'S NAMES IN EARLY MEDIEVAL IRELAND 100 most common masculine given names from the pre-Norman period NAMES OF ANCIENT IRELAND (HIBERNIA) List of male & female names from the Early Medieval Period: 400 - 1200 A. MEDIEVAL ENGLISH SURNAMES A huge list of Medieval surnames RARE MEDIEVAL ENGLISH NAMES Large list, male & female names MEDIEVAL NAMES OF GREEK ORIGIN Some of the early Christian saints were of Greek origin and their names, and those from Greek history and mythology, were sometimes used in Medieval England.

"MISPLACED" MEDIEVAL NAMES A list of some medieval bynames in Reaney & Wilson's Dictionary of English Surnames.

Profit margins dwindled fast after the first 30km (one day's cart-travel) from the nearest shoreline, river, or canal The amount of both of these in use has steadily increased over time as well.

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