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You can replace these with the new MFR or a MJA-c American Bosch magneto. I think the Ferguson Pony was manufactured for a short time in the transition from Massey Harris to Massey Ferguson...

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I have found a 1/16th model Farmall B but wondering if anyone has ever come across model attachments.After I learned to drive, he would pull a JD 4 disc tiller with the WC and I would pull one with the CA to turn land.When I got a little older I would turn land with the WC while Daddy worked a public job.I am looking for a model 2 row corn planter and a 2 row cultivator.In the late 50 s when I was 11 or 12 Daddy had a Allis Chalmers CA a WC.

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    The parts came from devices within the car’s Electronic Management System and were found to control the electric windows, power steering rack and the anti-lock braking system.