Matthew perry and salma hayek dating

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This is of course pre-emptive and subjective: but we are all human. So if you forgive me for dismissing out of hand all those delightfully dreadful romantic comedies with Richard Gere or Hugh Grant, whoever the delicious young lady may be playing with them, without forgetting Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan, as being pure unadulterated slush, we might meet on level terms and wade in where fools fear to tread. She is not only superbly gorgeous to look at - those deep Mexican-Lebanese eyes just keep you enchanted throughout - but she is also pretty good at acting.That, together with a nicely-told story with intelligent directing and dialogues which do not fall flat on their face helps make `Fools Rush in' stand out above the rest of the ilk. It does not make ireful bile rise into your throat.

Well, if they are all like Salma Hayek, I would not be at all surprised. But sociological barriers - in the Mexican family also, with a wonderful interpretation here by Angelina Calderón Torres - produce the logical but hypocritical obstacles which still persist in what for me should be classified as erstwhile societies.Perhaps Matthew Perry is not the exact partner for the role, but the chemistry between him and Salma Hayek seems to hold together fairly well.The story is also an indictment into situations which must be arising daily: especially in the United States of America where racial intolerance can become highly murky.I probably think about it even more than Matthew Perry, Salma Hayek, or anyone involved in the movie would want someone to, considering its sub-par million box office haul and 33% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes.I’m weirdly fascinated by how movies of its ilk come to be, and I know I’m not alone in this interest, because podcasts like How Did This Get Made and The Flop House exist.

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