Male sex chatbot

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The data behind men abusing their bots would seem to support this.

Here’s what it means to you: anticipate inappropriate comments no matter your chatbot’s gender, but pay special care if your bot presents itself as an artificial intelligence female.

Women, meanwhile, are more optimistic about accomplishing smaller, simpler tasks, like calling up basic information; chatbots haven’t yet proven to them their ability to perform sophisticated tasks.

Considering these gender differences in technology use, we can extrapolate a few key takeaways.

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Male sex chatbot-61

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It should be no surprise, then, that men are more optimistic when it comes to using chatbots to complete complex tasks.

This includes tasks like travel bookings or making a purchase.

First, applications of chatbots that focus on a female demographic need to take great care in making an up-front value proposition. However, women tend to be more skeptical about adopting new technologies than men.

That’s why you may want to try a little harder to ensure new users understand the value your bot delivers.

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