Maks dating erin

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Maks has been smitten with Meryl since Day 1 — his first words to the Olympian were basically testing out the water for a future proposal.

And since then, the couple have wowed the judges and fans with their insane chemistry that threatens to explode all over the studio every week.

First of all, they're Instagram friends, which is adorable.

They have everything going for them — so long as Erin Andrews stops making it so awkward every time she interviews them.

I mean, they danced to the most romantic song of 2014 during Week 3.

If that doesn't scream "WE'RE IN LOVE," I don't know what does.

Tiny, sweet, and wildly talented Meryl is the Beauty to Maks' 6'2", bad boy reputation Beast — with Disney on their side, how can they lose?

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