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Freelance Writing: We also make a little income from writing the occasional article for various publications/websites.

This seems to be the natural thing for anyone with a blog to do. For us, and I think may others, we found ourselves writing all the time because of our blog and we had an unintended writing portfolio through the blog.

GWTW Website: When we started Gone With The Wynns it was our way to share the journey with friends and family.

Photo/Video Services: From tourism boards, to adventure companies, to campgrounds, we create experiential and promotional videos and photographs for their needs.

This has been our main source of income while traveling full-time on the road.

Depending on what we are capturing we meet new and interesting people and see places we otherwise would have never known about, or bothered to see.

The endless hours in front of the computer make up the remainder of our work time, and this part is indeed a “job”. The editing and business side of things its still enjoyable but its certainly not near as fun as the capturing.

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