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They will use underwater robots to unravel the processes that resulted in the volcano’s formation, and use seismic and electromagnetic methods to determine the existence of a sizeable accumulation of magma.

Based on their observations, the scientists want to develop a means of predicting future supereruptions before they take place.

Most major groups of invertebrate animals have a calcareous skeleton or shell (e.g., corals, mollusks, brachiopods, bryozoans).

Other forms have shells of calcium phosphate (which also occurs in the bones of vertebrates), or silicon dioxide.

Analysis of rocks from the dome revealed it was formed by solidifying lava – the result of a far smaller eruption that has taken place since Akahoya.

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Solutions may fill the interstices, or pores, of the shell or bone with calcium carbonate or other mineral salts and thus fossilize the remains, in a process known as permineralization.A shell or bone that is buried quickly after deposition may retain these organic tissues, though they become petrified (converted to a stony substance) over time.Unaltered hard parts, such as the shells of clams or brachiopods, are relatively common in sedimentary rocks, some of great age.In other cases there may be a total replacement of the original skeletal material by other mineral matter, a process known as mineralization, or replacement.In still other cases, circulating acid solutions may dissolve the original shell but leave a cavity corresponding to it, and circulating calcareous or siliceous solutions may then deposit a new matrix in the cavity, thus creating a new impression of the original shell.

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