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This series was still good enough to be considered for the top ecchi anime of 2015 (though for me, that honor will probably go to ).And while the art quality seemed to drop a huge amount, it’s an issue that is plaguing the entire industry right now so it would hardly be fair to single this series out.To solve this problem, it is highly suggested that you share your story with a friend.

If you try to feel tempted to break the diet or feel de-motivated, your friend should be able to motivate you and remind you to get back to your ana diet.webm gallery No your eyes don’t deceive you, those are loli-Lala nips making their anime debut.This is a surprising decision given that the previous episodes of the series had deemed them verboten (for whatever asinine reason).We also encourage our members to share their experiences and tips to follow the ana lifestyle safely and easily.We hope you liked this article and after you join our group on facebook, you will surely find yourself the best ana buddy to chat with.

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