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And we all know about airbrushing/photoshopping of models on magazine covers and in adverts.

We can now automate the video-photoshopping of subjects so that, for example, folks like me don't look as unattractive in a talking-heads TV interview.

The symmetry, the beautiful simplicity of the solution, and the fact that 80 percent of the participants were effectively blinded by the boundaries of the square led Guilford and the readers of his books to leap to the sweeping conclusion that creativity requires you to go outside the box.

The idea went viral (via 1970s-era media and word of mouth, of course).

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In this case, Rule 34 applies: it's being used to take porn videos and replace the actors with film stars.

What I'm not seeing yet is the obvious application of this sort of deep learning to speech synthesis.

It's all very well to fake up a video of David Cameron fucking a goat, but without the bleating and mindless quackspeak it's pretty obvious that it's a fake.

But with procedural speech mimicry on top of face/body substitution, video evidence turns questionable.

We can no longer believe the evidence of our own eyes and ears, unless we are in-person witnesses to a politician's speech.

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