List of payed dating site

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If you pay for Builder's Club- you can cancel your PAYED features...

but the account is still there to 'go back to'.

It is a clusterfluff (a whirlwind, and dogpile) of both perfectly fine and downright disgusting content.

Most areas in ROBLOX are user-created, meaning that there will always, always be pornographic content, cursing, and violence that the moderators just can't catch as fast as it is put up.

Parents be warned - the moderation on this site is less than fair.

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In many instances, people have complained that their kids are not safe because users try to get personal information from people.

My recommendation: there are plenty of other games that are more appropriate for kids out there.

Minecraft (only if you know about computers and can safely teach kids how to AVOID the multiplayer component) is a good replacement.

You cant see or read their mails or manage their password, etc.

The chat features and/or disconnecting them from your account are the only options you can control.

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