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He has this serene charm about him that attracts any woman to him and is easily enamored.

Jealousy is not in his nature, in fact, he could be construed as a peace maker of sorts.

The romantic Libra man falls for the gracious Leo woman from the very first glance she gives to him.

Her vibrant beauty and feminine approach stirs up all his feelings to the fullest making him an admirer of her charm forever.

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When the Leo woman and Libra man are alone their affection for each other surfaces, soaks through and builds to heights almost unimaginable.He makes her an easy going and less vulnerable person, building their relationship firmer and worth keeping forever.With each other on their side, they can fulfill all their dreams and make their home a happier place to live in.Since she is a proud creature who demands complete devotion, unfortunately there are ample chances for quarrel to arise between these two, however on the fortunate side, there is even more opportunity for them to make up.Their best chance for survival is to stay home together.

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