Leo dating a cancer singles speed dating long island

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At the beginning of dating, Leo man was moved by the helplessness of Cancer woman, but at certain periods of time, the Water element is able to extinguish strong Leo's Fire of self-confidence.

Cancer woman has strong patience, and all this time, while Leo is disarmed, she will use a well-thought-out strategy for the revenge.

It would be good for Cancer woman to learn the lion's courage, while Leo man - tolerance and gentleness.

The interaction between these zodiac signs is not as easy as it seems at first glance.

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He broke my heart, told me he loved me and then just stopped calling me.

The influence of Fire and Water elements on this couple has very different characters.

The compatibility horoscope of Leo man and Cancer woman warns that they will encounter a total misunderstanding of each other and encounter conflicts, and even change of karmic roles for each other.

Never have i ever experienced so much joy and growth in any relationship before. I love him more than oxygen and worship the ground he walks on.

And he feels the same about me....i look forward to life with my soulmate!

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