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off-again business part- nership belwecn Bill Cosby and (he Campbell, Silver. The high volume, multiple store locations include the K- Marls. Arrangements have alsi been set for broad sampling to be conducted in the market place. Initial move in that direction came when Monarch acquired Kalof Electronics' three-model, 8-track cartridge player line from James Kelso and Ed Ben- chik, who purchased the line from Kalof Aluminum (Bill- board, April 24, 1968). (KRDS), Bob Pond, Program/Music Director, Personality BP: "You Don't Need Me For Any- thing Anymore," Karon Rondell, Co- lumbia. Gary's unique approach to C & W music has established him as an artists' artist in Nashville circles. Although Arc Sound up to this point in its develop- ment, has designated only 25 per cent of its total production budget to contemporary music, it has been one of Canada's most successful Top Forty producers, reportedly scoring more Canadian major market chart successes over the past few years than all other labels combined, excluding those producing for the French Canadian market. including Pocketdisc samples which will be distribut- ed by RCA Sales Corp. Silver and re- corded live at Harrah's in Lake Tahoc. Los Angeles, as national electronics sales manager. The Kalof line, which consists of an auto 8-track listing at .95, an auto 4 and 8-track compatible at .95, and a 8- track with deck, will be manu- factured at Cal-Best Electronics, a Monarch - owned company. BLFP; "3,000,000 Unmarried Women in Georgia," Benny Martin, Stop. BLFH: "You've Got Me Sing- ing Nursery Rhymes," Jcannic C. Toledo, Ohio (WTOD) Don Williams, Program Director BP: "I'm a Good Man," Jack Reno, Dot. His latest album, "Tomorrow, Today", tells it like it is. Among the now internationally known acts Arc has worked with are The Paupers, The Sugar Shoppe and David Clayton-Thomas. The "instant stores" as presi- dent Earl Muni/' calls them, are Ihc initial effort in starting a (Conliniicd on pai.'c IS) Geffen to Bow Label; Acts to Siiare in Profit By MIKE GRCSS NEW YORK ^ Dave Gef- fen. JAVITS of New York, right, receives the first annual Record Industry Associa- tion of America Cultural Award from John K. RIAA president, at a dinner in the International Ballroom of the Washington-Hilton Hotel. He"s also managing the music publishing operations of Laura Nyro and Stephen . Geffen, who is considered by such record company presidents as Clive J. Geisniar exercised option to buy fi.672 shares, giving him 19.728. Mclniker houuht 10.001) shares, giving him 21.- 21.1. Little Angel" and "Don't Get Around Much Any- more." ffliitiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Hiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiim FINLEY'S NAL BUY COMPLETED NEW YORK— Larry Finley's buy-out of the 55 per cent in- terest in his North American Leisure Corp. was concluded last week, thus giving Finley 100 per cent ownership of the firm he foumled Imt sununer. IS 24* - IMk 19M I9M - M Ai Mffmn Broodcttiting s*» 447 TIM 71M 73M I» Ampmt 44H 32H 1547 4JM 41H 43M - M Autofl Milc Kodle *m 20U nt 41H 37 3* -2M Automatic Reloiler Atioe. Play of LP cuts, according to Simpson, could depend on what type of demographics in audi- ence that you want. Mature "Top-W* type or bright, brief irood rnuilc personality. EScceptlonal oppor- tunity with large radlo/tv chain. In commenting on the impressive growth rate of Quality Records, general sales manager Lee Farley gives much credit to the company's "exceptional sales and promotion staff." In a recent Canadian recording industry poll, both Quality's national promotion chief Ed Lawson and Ontario regional promotion chief John Dee Driscoll took high honours while Quality itself took seven of a possible 15 awards including top record company and lop Canadian content company." Operating with a head office in Toronto and eight regional distribution centers across the country, Quality releases a number of prime U. labels as well as much Canadian product, and thus can usually be found with some 30 per cent to 40 per cent of the records on just about any Canadian chart at any time. business manager for con- temporary music acis and in- dependent record producers, will be launching a label operation shortly. SLEY MEMPHIS — Slax/Volt will launch a massive education pro- gram aimed at the underprivi- leged. The event also marked the l Oih anniversary of the companies. Geffen to Bow Label —Acts to Share in $ • Conliniied from pofje I 10 back u Gcffen-opcratcd label. Davis of Columbia, and Ahmet Ertegun of Atlantic, as one of the lop business man- agers of his kind in the field today, started his own firm a little less than a year ago after serving a five-year hitch with William Morris and one year with Ashley Famous. M).000 in the debentures for his wife, and 120.000 for his MM. Richard 1., Schall reports holdings of 5.(K)0 shares. Herzog exercised option to buy 6.000 shares, giving him 13.916. Earlier this month, Finley and officers of Omega had agreed to terms of the stock transfer as first reported by Billboard (May 10). n7V4 100'.l 162 108 106 i06yi -i Vi Avnet 36Vi 17'/, 2006 19Vi 17'/, )9V, '/4 Copiiol Ind. When he came up with a hole in his play- list recently, he added "Day Is Done" by Peter, Paul and Mary with intentions to get older lis- teners instead of a teen-type single. A box number will be us«d to protect the Identity of the adver- User. Among the product distributed by Quality are Atlantic and Atco Records, Buddah and all subsidiary labels. Similar promotions are being formulated for many phono manufacturers whose equipment is designed to play Pocketdiscs. of course, has simul- taneous release agreements with many top labels; and the Detroit inlroduelion will include a list of 40 titles from these labels. A five-picture contract with Warner Bros.- Seven Arts remains firm but at- torneys are looking at the con- tracts. Con- certone will be a one-stop line, he said, manufacturer to dealer. (KCKN) Ted Cromer, Program Director BP: "Days of Sand and Shovels." Waykm Jennings. BLFP: "You Can Feel It, Lynn Jones, Capitol (Canada), BH: "Games People Play." F. "Future deals will be production agreements under which Arc retains exclusive world production rights to artists, including freedom of artistic approach and ma- terial choice.

who have been known in the t ratio since Iheir Mcrctirv Records diivs (195.^) as Hugo & a Los An- geles producer of TV programs and commercials. gathered statistics and refined the self- service vending type of distribu- tion to be used. Pocketdisc chief, said that in view of the dramatic success of vending equipment in the Seattle lest, the Detroit market will be serviced entirely in this manner. Max Ellen named vice-president of Spice Productions, New York. Columbia Stereo Tape Club, Columbia Stereo Tape Cartridge Club, and other mail-order services in the division. As outlined during the presen- tation here, it is evident that the ad campaign is pinpointed at specific facets of the total tape market. If the good records happen to be Canadian too, that's good. I think that was proved with the Guess Who single, 'These Eyes.' "You simply need someone to take the time and money to develop talent to world standards. We're very proud of it, and of them." Quality Won Seven Out of 13 Awards Le Difference!

Every- one realizes that something must he done to make programming of album cuts easier, but few people are doing anything about it. as WCFL music director Jim Stagg, Chicago, put it: "The problem isn't going to go away." Several program directors, such as Bob Todd at WAKY. Rominiecki joins CBS EVR division as EVR demonstration engineer. executives are in Holland for week-long meetings with the European affiliates of Philips Phonographic Industries. SUMMER IS A TAPE THING Is more than an exceptional Issue for your advertising message. The six-year-old tape firm will establish an office in a planned Walts-Willowbrook industrial park, to interview and hire people for sales and engineering jobs, revealed ATD's Vice-President Warren Gray. MAKING A presentation of a check from Taylor, Pearson and Carson, Ltd., distributor for Quality Records in Canada are, left to right, Reg Ayres. A percentage of the selling price of each album, "Radio CKLG — Super Golden Goodies," was awarded by CKLG to the Vancouver Christmas Bureau. I.'S FAMOUS (8) WEEK COURSE for the flrst-cla M Radio Telephone Li- cense la the shortest, most effective course In the nation.

Louisville, have promised them- selves that they arc going to round up some albums and "lis- ten to every cut to decide which t nes to play." Others, like WCAO music librarian Frances Jordan. He was previously with the armed t forces in the LJ. Irwin Steinberg, Mercury ex- ecutive vice-president; John Sip- pel, Mercury Records product manager: Lou Simon, Philips Records product manager; Joe Bolt, classical director: and Ron Oberman. It's the perfect vehicle for tape and tape product merchandising — The way to move tape off the shelvesi Peter Max, whose designs have revolutionized the American poster Industry, has created a full-color cosmic 24' x 36' art presentation based on the theme, SUMMER IS A TAPE THING. Gray's partner in the duplicating company, Dick Allen, is board chairman of the recently formed Economic Resources Corp. Chuck Davis has moved from the midday slot at KXQI, Denver, to do the early morning and pro- gram director duties at WSAF, Sarasota. He reports that Mac Allen, former program di- rector of KWXI, is now with KLZ in Denver. Music director Tom Lynn at WSLT, 957 Asbury Avenue, Ocean City, N. was the first company to employ a full-time translator and to inscribe all album liner notes, in-store and window displays, promotional materials and dealer mail- ings in both English and French.

EE ZHITO current fiscal year in a concen- trated consumer push which will harness both mass print and broadcast media to drive home the CARlridge concept to the public at large. Steve Paul's Seene here, play Un- gano's Ironi I"iies Jay (20) thrinigh Siinilay (2.'^). Air Force Group LP for Stations WASHING ION — A con- temporary alhuni hy the F alcon- aires, a section ol the U. Air Fi Ihe -Air F'orcc Academy lor public service use. As soon as Geffen concludes his label deal, he'll be on the lookout for artists, to start build- ing a roster for his own com- pany. Geffen is continu- ally hopping between New York and Los Angeles, handling the affairs of such artists as Laura Nyro. Like the artists he repre- sents, I value his friendship deeply." Lettermen Get Straight A's With a Classy Performance NEW YORK — Marking their New York club debut, at the Plazii Hotel's Persian Room Wednesday ( 1 5), the Lettermen proved themselves a highly pol- ished, well-groomed act with a vocal blend that is hard to beat. On O in convertible debentures, giving them a tottd of S8.5a00n in the debentures. Breslauer exercised option to buv .1.0(X) shares, eivini! AAarket Quotations At of Clediia llwc Hlay, May 14, IM* 1*M WM IKHIlll m MMK . 6V4 179* 7*4 7M 7M M Gonorol El Mtrk 98 V4 8S/4 28V4 I8B2 32Vl 31 31 M - M Hwidlsnwm 4»¥t 36K 433 4SM 4S 42% -2M Homy ftodio i SV4 1» M 22H 20M 21M -1M Kinney Scrvlc M 39Vj 28V4 1136 33V4 33'/, 34 -IM Macke Co. 27% »M i4as 2SU H — H Triongl* 37H M M 33H 30 ~ 1^ 20lh C«*m SIM 2S19 Si Ve 32% 114 Vtnde 32H 2m 861 2SM 21M 22M -% Vi«wlex 35'/i 24,4 54ii 551, '/i Wurlil Ki ii Vi 19*t 31 19V4 19H 19M - Vi Ztnilh St «H 993 SXM 49M 49M -3 Al of Ctoiing Tbiuridoy, Ma r IS, 1969 Wieli 1 W»k'f OVER THE COUNTED- Hiqii Lew Clen Crtotive Monogemvnt 15'i 13 13Vi Data Packaging Corp. 22 21 22 Miltt Music 34 33 Vi 33'/i Music Mokors, Inc. Commuiiicaliwii Itl M 7H m •Ow*r-th« counltr prices (hown or« "bid" (oi oppoud to "o*Ved"). Berk Fraser has been named assistant to the president of Basic Communica- tions; he'll continue as general manager of WYDE in Birming- ham. At least one- third of the station's music is from albums, said program di- rector Doug Cox. Among the Canadian premieres for Quality was its initial entry into the manufacture of pre-recorded tapes, a field in which the company has remained a leader. Radio Engineering Incorporated Schools, 1336 Main St..

(The fact thai Ampex was launching a million ad cam- paign was first revealed by Bill- board in its April 12 issue.) The ad campaign is being The 5lh Dimension's phenomenal successful sinsle "Aquarius/ Let the Sunshine In" breaks into a sure shot smash album, 'The Age of Aquarius" (SCS-92005). The trade school will be designed for those pupils who cannot afford to go on to college or other schools." The record executive then an- nounced the formation of the . Tunds do- nated would be tax deductible, Stewart said. I he albiitii contains such songs as 'Hey Jude." ■ l.itllc Green Apples." "Mrs. NEW YORK— RCA Records' Lighthouse, a 1 3-membcr ex- ploratory rock group from Toronto, will give a free 2'/j-hour con- cert at Carnegie Hall Sunday (25). The concert will include an improvisalional jam session, classical and jazz solos, and a Beatles medley. vice-president of Rob- ert Distributing here, died here Wednesday (14) after a long ill- ness. Capitol's million-selling album Jamal Plans All-Trade Expansion NEW YORK— Ahmad Jamal Productions Corp. — FCI- Industries reports buv of 10.200 shares, giving them 404.200. 291/1 17V4 39 204 i 20 20 - M MCA 441/1 34 436 391/4 35 384 60 62 - V, HCA 481, 41 1/4 2035 47 V, 46^4 47 '4 Unchg. 14 V4 12V4 14^4 29 2M 26M NMC 1«V4 IS^i ISM Omega Equity 3Vi 2H 2H Sam Goody, Inc. Neirfier th« bid nor the aikcd pricos of unlisted lecuritlti repreient actual transoctions. * * ★ Program director Ted Crammer, KCKN, Kansas City, Kan., writes: "I do wish you'd be a little kinder to Ted Atkins. "Maybe more," because the station plavs (Continued on page 54) MAY 24, 1969, BILLBOARD The New Wave Pop Plus Country Plus Folk ST-218 PRODUCED BY DAVID CAVANAUGH On Records ... Quality was also the first Canadian record company to supplement its tape stock by producing tape display units for dealers.

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