Lava mexican dating

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The son of Mexican drug kingpin Damaso Lopez Nunez has handed himself over to US officials on the border.

Damaso Lopez Serrano, known as El Mini Lic and the son of one of El Chapo's top henchmen, voluntarily surrendered to DEA authorities at the border between Mexicali and the Californian city of Calexico last week.

The volcano, which is more than 17,000ft tall, is the second highest peak in Mexico and lies on the Trans-Mexican volcanic belt.

It is the most active volcano in Mexico, having erupted 15 times since records began.

'She denied it, then she realized she’d been caught and handed back the stolen items.'She wasn’t arrested, but it did cause a big scandal within her group.

Those with her, particularly Tory and Jamie, were horrified,' one said.

Crystal is pictured in the front row of this group in an orange dress posing with designer Monique Lhuillier (right), Tory Burch (to her left), actress Lori Loughlin (far left), Jamie Tisch (at the back)'Renee was stopped by security and told that she was caught stealing on security camera.

Authorities are warning local residents to cover their mouths and noses with wet cloths if they leave their homes, in a bid to protect against smoke inhalation.

They have also urged people to watch out for falling debris if they go near the volcanic site.

Serrano's surrender was reported by Mexican news wire service EFE last week.

The outlet added authorities in Mexicali had been searching for the kingpin's son in the days prior to him crossing the border.

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