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The newspaper previously reported that Chief Marketing Officer Frank Cooper was leaving Buzz Feed and would become CMO of Black Rock.

Buzz Feed said it has no plans to hire a CMO for the time being. Henderson will lead marketing efforts for the advertising industry.

Concerns increased because of opposition mounted later in the decade by the Public Morality Council, led by the Bishop of London.

New rules were devised in about 1940 under which theatre-owners were obliged to submit photographs of planned nude poses, and scripts detailing the performances by any clothed singers, dancers and comics.

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This resulted in an archive of black and white photographs showing the Windmill's naked "tableaux", now in the library's hands.

For the purposes of the film, Mrs Henderson bulldozes Lord Cromer, the Lord Chamberlain responsible for stage decency, into a lavish lunch to persuade him that he should not strike out the nudes she needs for her show to turn a profit.

But documents at the British Library show the official discomfort over the tastefully presented titillation went on for years after Mrs Henderson launched her first Revudeville show in 1932.

Kathryn Johnson, curator of the library's modern drama collections, said: "There had to be subdued lighting and the girls couldn't move.

They couldn't smile and they had to have their front foot forward so you could not see anything in what they called 'the fork'." But, she said: "Something carefully draped was a great deal more erotic than anything full frontal." Yet there appears to have been some leniency.

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