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Maddy searched the kitchen for food for the barbeque. The sound of his mom in the kitchen had roused him from his bed. "We can't do that again." Maddy's hand pressed against Kyle's chest to keep him away, but it didn't fully succeed. Kyle admired his dad's ability to focus on the task without seeming to mind the heat. Images of his mom's nude body, under his, filled his head. He takes after his father." Maddy felt flustered, being reminded of Kyle. "If he's anything like my son, he must be bouncing off the walls.

At the touch of her son's hand on her body, Maddy turned around. His hands remained on her hips, trying to pull her toward him. Maddy, meanwhile, was finishing lunch with her friend, Emma. She tried to banish the thought of his muscular shoulders over her and of his thick cock filling her. Better watch out for him." She grinned lasciviously. We finished the sprinklers about an hour ago and he's been relaxing since then." Maddy looked through the window into the backyard. And, Maddy had to admit, she like the idea of showing off to her son.

He pressed his finger against the slit underneath, and he felt the bikini give way just a little. Maddy's body wasn't cooperating with her conscience. He stood just far enough from Maddy that it would look from a distance like they were having an innocent conversation. It found the furrow of his mom's sex under the bikini and traced it, up and down. It felt good to Maddy, too, although it made her feel guilty.

She pushed the mound between her legs forward, slightly, against Kyle's fingers. "I did a lot more than that last night, and we both loved it. Maddy backed up against the side of the pool to brace herself. But she lifted a leg to give Kyle more access to her body, anyway.

Maddy couldn't seem to control her body when Kyle touched her. Maddy prepared the mashed potatoes and salad and Carl barbequed the pork ribs. By the time the food was cooked and served, the sun had long since set and the evening enveloped them in near total darkness.

Kyle moved forward as his mom moved back, keeping pressure with his finger on his mom's sex. Please stop." She grabbed his wrist with her hand and pulled him away, and his finger slipped out of her. Kyle was sorry to see her go but enjoyed the sight of the brief bikini bottom, dripping wet and clinging to his mom's shapely ass. A large glass enclosed candle provided the only light for dinner. Maddy had to admit Carl had cooked the ribs to perfection, and Carl and Kyle gobbled up Maddy's potatoes. Carl enjoyed the low buzz gathering in his head after downing a few beers.

He hadn't showered yet, and he half-walked, half-stumbled into the kitchen with messy hair and bad breath. What had happened, happened, but it couldn't happen again. Then he shoved the forkful of egg and cheese into his mouth. In the early days of their relationship, when Carl was young and fit and romantic, they had lain for hours under the stars, talking, kissing, and making love. She wanted to be out of the house as long as possible, away from Kyle, so she called a friend to have lunch.

But I'm not making any promises about what happens tonight. I want you so badly." Kyle thought about the feeling of his cock rammed up inside his mom when she straddled his lap the night before. That's all I can promise." Maddy struggled to keep her feelings in check.

Without thinking about what she was doing she stopped and put her hands on her hips so he could look at her.

Kyle's first thought was that it was the smallest bikini he'd ever seen his mom wear.

It had been a long time since her husband, Carl, had made her feel that way. Shutting the bedroom door quietly behind her, Maddy walked to the kitchen, enjoying the coolness of the wood strip floor under her bare feet. Your father's going to be up soon and he can't see us like this. Kyle sat on the sofa next to his dad, trying to watch the game, but thinking about his mom's body the entire time. It was mid-afternoon when the game finished and Carl finally roused himself to get his chores done. "Let's fix those sprinklers." "Dad, it's three o clock.

She entered the kitchen and glanced at the calendar on the refrigerator door. What happened, happened, but it can't happen again. Please." Kyle stopped trying to pull his mom closer to him. It's over a hundred degrees outside." "Oh, come on," Carl urged. It won't take long, and you can go swimming when we're done." Kyle thought about how his dad could be lazy about a lot of things, but he liked doing yard work, and he always seemed to pick the hottest time of day to do it.

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