Korean les paul dating

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Perhaps it has something to do with the slimmer design or even something as simple as the comfortable weight distribution of the solid body; either way, it doesn’t feel like a “beginner guitar” when you’re playing it.

This venture eventually led to the Epiphone Les Paul LP-100.I would call any korean made epiphone a budget guitar, im not being a guitar snob, i am just always wary of stuff made in korea/taiwan/chad..........lolim not saying epiphone are all budgets, i tried an epiphone elite series les paul and it was every bit as good as my gibson!cheersbuke hi there,only one nugget of advice.............you can afford not to, never buy a budget guitar made anywhere other than the US or UK.Examine the guitar in detail and compare it to the original. More related to this thread, check out Samick guitars think. I brought a big (Korean) flag to school when Korea beat Italy in the world cup, a couple Italians almost started a soccer riot with me, it was funny I don't understand all this Korea phobia.And don't think they're worse in quality just because they cost less, that could be due to a number of things including a low currency exchange rate. (South) Korea is a fairly rich country, in economic terms it's an NIC, it's one of the Asian Tigers (I just finished taking an economics course, expecting marks in July, yay).

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