Kitten dating game

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Kittens are one of the cutest among all the baby animals.

Don't let it go to your head." Temples are twice as efficient."With their ill beat and radical rhymes, these way-hip religious tunes are sure to get all the youngins who thought they were 2 cool 4 church back on the pews and praying for more! " Wizard towers are twice as efficient."There it is; the perfected school of baking magic.

Portals are twice as efficient."This refers to the practice of merging higher dimensional universes, or "branes", with our own, in order to facilitate transit (and harvesting of precious cookie dough)." Time machines are twice as efficient."What if our universe is just one instance of an infinite cycle?

What if, before and after it, stretched infinite amounts of the same universe, themselves containing infinite amounts of cookies?

From summoning chips to hexing nuts, there is not a single part of cookie-making that hasn't been improved tenfold by magic tricks." Wizard towers are twice as efficient."Using nothing more than a fancy top hat, your wizards have found a way to simultaneously curb rabbit population and produce heaps of extra cookies for basically free!

Resulting cookies may or may not be fit for vegans." Shipments are twice as efficient."You've found a way to apply your knowledge of cosmic technology to slightly more local endeavors; this gigantic sphere of meta-materials, wrapping the solar system, is sure to kick your baking abilities up a notch." Alchemy labs are twice as efficient."Built from the rarest of earths and located at the very deepest of the largest mountain, this legendary crucible is said to retain properties from the big-bang itself." Alchemy labs are twice as efficient."Pushing alchemy to its most extreme limits, you find that everything is transmutable into anything else - lead to gold, mercury to water; more importantly, you realize that anything can -and should- be converted to cookies.

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