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If you have any questions about this item or payment, please email or call us directly. Federally licensed dealer of Classic American Doubles, i.e. Please keep your NRA dues current, give them donations, as well as the other defenders of our rights. The same thing is true for phone-in, fax-in, and mail-in payments.Sorry, but your gun was made during a period of many changes. bigedd, That serial number was manufactured in the 1979-1980 time frame.I'm kind of surprised that your dash 4 has the three letter, then digits range of serial number. Just a guess but likely late '79 or early '80, but depending on whether manufacturing of Model 60's was continuous during the period or made up in batches, no telling for sure.

Made in about 1927 when they first appeared in the Iver Johnson catalogs, all parts are factory stamped "01". ***** Sales Tax: 6% Michigan Only ***** Shipping & Insurance: Ground .00 We ship internationally! Don't try, either, to circumvent any law; for example, a California civilian may not buy a high capacity magazine and have it shipped to his brother-in-law in Nevada. GA Pay buyers are NOT charged until we confirm we have the item and are ready to ship it. Buying firearms and related items for other people can result in felony charges.In the world of vintage American doubles, the .410 bore has always been highly sought after and costly. With its case colored frame, checkered walnut stocks, and rust blue barrels it was a quality gun at an affordable price.They surface occasionally in good condition for about 00, a bargain .410 vintage American double for sure.

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    You can also suggest certain activities that require little effort (which will minimize objections) such as walks around the block or in the park, cooking a meal together, watching your wedding video or your children’s (reminding yourselves of more connected times), organizing a photo album together, or writing a letter together to a common friend of family member.