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In the revival, however, the show does incorporate a variety of intriguing storylines: Roseanne’s son D.J (Michael Fishman), is father to a black daughter while his wife is serving in the military overseas; Darlene (Sara Gilbert) lost her job, so she had to move home with her parents along with her two kids; Becky (Lecy Goranson) is looking to become a surrogate to save money and reduce her debt.It makes sense: we’re in a tumultuous political climate.But the Connors shifting their focus to politics and social issues as a main plot point seems contrived when reminiscing about the original characters on the series. For those who watched the original hit series, Roseanne Connor’s husband Dan (John Goodman) was presumably dead by the end of the series.However in the reboot, the show pokes fun at the original ending with Roseanne waking Dan while he’s in a sleep apnea mask. He replies, "Why does everybody always think I’m dead? A show that was originally about the deeply interpersonal dynamics of a family has evolved into political debates.

Roseanne Barr thinks it's laughable that President Trump kinda tried taking credit for her massive ratings for the premiere of her revived TV show last week ... We got the sitcom star Monday night at LAX, where our photog asked what she thought of Trump plugging himself and his supporters for giving "Roseanne" a big bump last Tuesday.

The episode ending the original run was titled Into That Good Night and aired on May 20, 1997, wrapping the show that kicked off in 1988.

Earlier this week, ABC released a still showing Darlene and Roseanne sitting at the top of a bed while Dan knelt at the end facing them in an episode titled Dress To Impress.

Now ABC has revealed Roseanne will be back on screen on March 27 in an hour-long episode titled Twenty Years To Life.

A new picture of the entire cast was also released, with Roseanne Barr and John Goodman as parents Roseanne and Dan Connor on set in the living room of their home surrounded by their extended family.

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