John cena mickie james dating 2016

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The only wrestler that remained in the WWE from the Spirit Squad was Nicky, who is now known as Dolph Ziggler.The Spirit Squad's most memorable moment in the company actually went down behind-the-scenes in an incident involving Ken Doane, former WWE women's champ Mickie James, and wrestling superstar John Cena.Her appearance on last week’s Outside of her wrestling career, Mickie James performs as a country music artist.She released her first album, Strangers & Angels, in May 2010.Doane was engaged to former WWE Women's Champion Mickie James at one point and later revealed on social media that he discovered Mickie had been cheating on him with Cena when he found her searching online about rumors of her and Cena hooking up. He said: "If I spoke out it would have ruined my chance of returning to WWE. Truthfully I do like john, but if u ask me a question im gonna answer it truthfully. Doane said on Twitter in 2012: "She was googling mickie james and john cena dating. Now I'm set with what I'm doing and don't care if I get banned. I'm ruining any chance of a WWE return by doing this I'm sure. After the higher-ups in the WWE heard about the John Cena cheating scandal, they sent Doane to Smack Down so that both wrestlers could remain with the company. Doane claims that Mickie James was released by the WWE after she pitched a fit when she learned that John Cena didn't want a serious relationship with her.At the time of the alleged affair, John Cena was still married to his high school sweetheart.

“We’re all adults, and you know obviously this business is what it is, and we’ve all had our share of relationships failed. It’s such a tight-knit thing, that’s the reason why so many people in the industry fall in love in the first place, because you see each other every day, you hang out with each other, you don’t get a chance to… We’re all grown adults and I would hope that, and I’m pretty sure that it’s going to be pretty awesome, because I’m sure that I’m going to have to work with Nikki in the ring and I know that we could do some really amazing stuff.” James also revealed that she had been attempting to make a comeback sooner and made contact with WWE multiple times, but she wasn’t in the company’s plans for nearly a year prior to her return at Take Over. About a year before that I had been doing that a couple of times.Back in 2012, Doane went public with the John Cena cheating scandal.According to Doane, he caught James doing a Google search for "Mickie James and John Cena dating." Doane asked her why she was searching for it, and she supposedly broke down crying.Several years ago, Ken Doane and Mickie James were engaged to be married.Their relationship was ended abruptly after Doane said that he found out James was cheating on him with John Cena, according to .

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