Itunes consolidating two accounts

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This way, when you come to update your apps, it doesn't matter which account pops up, it will be the same password. Then when we got married we decided to create joint account so we don't have to worry about potentially buying an app twice and it will also automatically sync between our 2 i Phones and our two i Pads. Ultimately, in a few years any older apps wont be required and we'll mainly use the joint account.

Maybe you had two accounts in the past for some reason, and you want all of your purchases to be under one account now.

Step 4: Make sure that Tunes Mate is installed on the second computer with the second library, then plug your device into it.

Step 5: Launch Tunes Mate and click where it says, “Transfer i Device Media to i Tunes.” Step 6: Click “Start,” and it will begin to scan your device.

And you can do the same for itunes on your wife's computer.

This will allow you to play both you and your wife's content on both of your computers.

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