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Once the potential for Moneysupermarket was realised, Mortgage 2000 only had limited potential, the focus away from Mortgage 2000 led Duncan to stop getting involved in the business in early 2002, but remained as a silent partner in the business.

In 2000, Moneysupermarket announced their first major expansion with the launch of

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Simon Nixon founded a two businesses in the mortgage market in the late 1980s, which eventually became Moneysupermarket.

This began when he established a mortgage subscription business in 1987.

In 2016 the ABP Club published over 3,000 bodyshop news stories relevant tothe body repair industry on the Forum; these were also emailed to the members in 250 Daily Newsletters.

We pride ourselves in being first with bodyshop news and to be the only website that members need to visit to keep abreast of what is happening in the accident repair industry.

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In an interview with The Guardian he stated he wanted to return to digital retail after working with both Collect Plus and e Bay previously.

Nixon was a student at Nottingham University studying accounting, while also working a job selling mortgages.

While working in the role, he noticed after a number of months there was no easy way for brokers to compare all the mortgage deals available, he worked evenings and weekends setting up best-buy tables so he could send out information to those who required it.

From 2003 to 2006, Moneysupermarket underwent a ninefold growth in traffic, this resulted in them deploying an enterprise management and monitoring system to track availability and increase internal understanding of the users' experience.

Sites such as Moneysupermarket collect data directly from merchants used to find quotations for any given comparison market.

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