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I have been watching him on Dancing With The Stars and I have to say Carrie Ann Inaba was spot-on when she indicated Apolo just has not had his moment this season and she is right about him not having chemistry with his partner Karina.While I realize I am using DWTS as a reference point but she is right, there does seem to be something very off-putting about Apolo this season.Without speed skating goals, he doesn't know what to do with himself. I think Apolo's dancing has been excellent and I don't think it's true that 'he doesn't seem to be into it'.Right after the last Olympics, he signed up as spokesperson for a line of supplements/vitamins, but I think maybe that was not a success as I haven't seen anything about it since his initial signing with them. And I don't understand Carrie Ann Inaba's criticism of him saying that he hasn't done enough. I think he's funny, decent, vain, aware he's aging and unfortunately pissy when it comes to sexuality.

I can't believe that this program is going to eliminate Apolo. Also dancing first sometimes results in lower scores because the judges don't want to over-score at the beginning when there is nothing to compare the couple to.I'll bet he's smooth all over, with tiny wisps of fine black hair in certain places (hole, pits, pubes...)Wow, that video is HOT! I wonder about Apolo's sexuality, though: He has never been linked to any women, yet there are no rumors about him with men.Apolo must be very good at keeping his private life- no matter what way he swings- private.R94, R101, I'm so passionate about this topic since I've studied dance since the age of 4 and have taught modern/jazz dance. personality propaganda game the producers play on the show.So for me, I know dance talent/technique when I see it. R122, musty after a long day of DWTS rehearsal, and zestfully clean when he's out on the town.

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