Is harry styles dating a french girl

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However, chaos struck when the world discovered that she had a boyfriend – and had to delete her Twitter account due to the amount of abuse she got from Directioners!

Harry Styles’ girlfriends list isn’t exactly short, but it’s not as large as you would expect from an international celebrity.

There was even a photo of a trip to the British Virgin Islands, but the only evidence is an out-of-focus picture taken by the paparazzi.

(We don’t think they were invited on the vacation either!

) Since then, the “Out of the Woods” singer has been busy with work and love, and people are still talking about her split from have been dating from 2013 to 2016, the two stated that they were just friends in past interviews.

Aside from that, they made us jealous that we aren’t rich and famous by taking ski trips, partying on boats in St.

Nothing against Swift, but it’s nearly impossible to have a girlfriends list without seeing her famous name pop up.

Some interpreted this as confirmation, while others believed them to just be close friends —remember those?

Barts and going on shopping sprees that could boost an entire economy.

To some, going on extravagant trips means something significant, but to celebrities, it’s just another Tuesday afternoon!

Guests included Adele, Cindy Crawford and Cuba Gooding Jr.

According to Companies House, as of early 2017 Harry had an estimated net worth of £56million.

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